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Cybersecurity Checklist for Monitoring SaaS Applications? Why Do SaaS Startups Need Cyber Security?

Today we require internet for even the most basic of activities. Through the reach of the internet, it is possible to obtain access to even highly sensitive data, anytime and anyplace.

However, all is not roses and sunshine when it comes to the online world.

Cyber crimes like unauthorized access, malicious attacks, data breach, and so forth are rampant.

According to statistics, Cyber criminals earn $3 billion a year exploiting social platforms.

And SaaS-based IT environments are susceptible to a higher complexity to threat detection and response efforts. User activity on SaaS accounts can also be quite varied, occurring on multiple endpoints and from a range of locations. It is further complicated by the fact that the responsibility is not on the SaaS provider to secure user data in case an account is compromised. As a result of these, SaaS applications require continuous and meticulous monitoring. […]

Webinar Promotions: The Checklist for Every Pro B2B Marketer

Webinars have proven to be the savior for B2B marketers time and again. In a recent CMI research, 66% of the B2B marketers who tried webinars found them to be effective. It can be an educational webinar that increases email subscribers or customer webinars that line up prospects to your sales pipeline — if done right, there are fewer tactics that come close to accelerating the growth of a SaaS business as effectively.


22 Facts And Case Studies To Get You On Top Of Your SaaS Marketing Game

There’s no shortage of unsubstantiated advice when it comes to how you should promote your SaaS business. I’m a firm believer in the power of experience and intuition, but I also believe in the power of empirical evidence. It’s in that blend of creativity and data-driven testing where powerful growth strategies develop.


8 SaaS Marketing Trends To Be Prepared For In 2018

SaaS is a peculiar industry in many ways, relying much more on preserving lifetime value and much less on initial sales when compared to other industries. Its bizarre mix of consumer and B2B worldviews tends to make marketing for SaaS a unique experience, and marketing trends in this industry don’t entirely line up with those.