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10 Rocking Brands Who Nailed Influencer Marketing

As consumers increasingly shift to social media and individual blog posts on the web to help make informed decisions about their purchases, companies and brands don’t have it easy any more. With the advent of social and mobile, quick searches, social opinions, tweets, Facebook updates and LinkedIn updates have been slowly but surely wiggling its way to dominance. […]

3 Ways in Which Great Content Contribute to Building Brand Equity

Like it or loathe it, social media has changed marketing as we once knew it. Today, it has become much more challenging for marketers to reach out to consumers via traditional marketing measures. Advertisements and aggressive sales messages alone can no longer convince consumers. Instead, businesses need to create and distribute relevant and valuable content to engage with consumers and influence their spending power and buying habits. […]

Social Media Gaffes That Can Harm Your Thought Leader Position

It is not just drunken selfies that can ruin your reputation in the social networking world. We don’t always realize until it’s too late, certain subtle social media mistakes can hurt your online reputation real bad than you can think. This is especially complicated for thought leaders who hold a respectable and well-perceived position in the social landscape. […]

How Can You Improve Marketing Results by Building Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is the lifeblood of your marketing strategy, especially your content marketing strategy. If used right, it can help businesses shape the perception of their target audience. It is therefore no surprize that businesses, both small and large want to become thought leaders in their domain. But before we get into how this can help you improve your marketing results, let’s take a deeper look at the concept of thought leadership.


4 Ways to Tailor Content for Various Stages of Customer Buying Journey

Content creation to suit business needs often runs dry after exhausting of topic ideas. Business content writers struggle to publish content to engage, interest and inform users, build brand identity and drive customer loyalty. It becomes even more difficult to churn out unique and original content on a daily basis when we lose sight of the context in which the content is delivered.