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Top 15 Content Writing Courses in India

Content writing is a new and improved line of work wherein a content writer creates digital content for a specified or targeted audience. Digitalization paved the way to connect to people online from anywhere in the world. This being so, Cyberspace became the most relevant arena to get and bestow information, thoughts, feelings, and whatnot. Your flair for writing blended with an excellent marketing mind are the winnable attributes to successfully create content. 

But how to develop these skills, rather how to properly implement these skills? The answer to this question is comprehensive Content Writing courses.  Here, in this blog, I’ll take you through the top 15 Content Writing Courses in India.

Elements of a good content writing course:

Before we jump to the list, let us rummage through the attributes found in the Best Content Writing course in India.

Ease of Access

The content writing course must be easily available, be it an online course or classroom learning. Systematic and strategic learning of the concepts to create awesome content is a priority for content writing courses.

Content of the course

Check whether the content writing course offers all, the relevant tools and techniques employed to build indelible content. This is particularly important if writing is not just a pass time for you and you are looking to make a career out of it.


Exposure to the content writing domain is mandatory. There are online Content writing courses that provide Internship opportunities to help the learners gain hands-on experience in this domain. Mastering a new skill requires empirical knowledge besides postulatory understanding.

Let us now look at the compilation of the top 15 Content writing courses in India.

Top 15 Content Writing Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is an integral Institute in the global ed-tech space It is a brand that promotes skill-building and career-oriented courses on a global level. Henry Harvin curated more than 200 courses in multiple disciplines like writing, law, management, Analytics, Language, IT, and much more. These courses are adjudicated as the best courses that make the learners’ industry connoisseurs.

The Certified Digital Content Writing course from Henry Harvin’s Language Academy is a course that relays unsurpassed skills and knowledge through training, assignments, internships, etc. The distinctive elements of this course are:

  • 40 hours of online live and interactive training
  • In addition to the training, there are 8 other elements in this course, making it a 9-in-1 program. The elements are Membership at the Henry Harvin language academy, Certification, Internship, Bootcamps, Hackathons, E-learning, Placement, and projects.
  • The Learning Management System employed for the CDCW course is the newest version and it helps the learner access all the activities like recorded sessions, videos, job listings, placement drives, etc.

The Course curriculum is vast and evasive. It includes:

  • Basic language skills
  • Internet skills
  • Technical writing
  • Academic writing
  • Copywriting
  • Creative writing
  • E-mail writing
  • Content strategy
  • Blogs, business, and marketing writing
  • SEO
  • Legal writing
  • International projects

In addition to these, two modules for soft skill development and resume writing ensure a complete and comprehensive growth of a learner through this course.  

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

2. ECT ( Education and Career Times)



ECT is a government of India-recognized training institute. Content Writing, Digital Marketing, and Personality Development courses are the main courses offered at ECT. The key features of the content writing course from ECT are:

  • 32 hours of training. Both classrooms coaching in Delhi and living from anywhere are available.
  • The course duration is 3 months.
  • Additionally, projects, assignments, internships, etc for exposure in writing.
  • Certification and lifetime support.
  • The course curriculum is exhaustive with technical writing, Business writing, Academic writing, etc as the main elements.
  • Also, the ECT Content writing course includes Graphic designing and video editing as well.

3. Skills Upgrader



Skills Upgrader, as the name indicates, focuses on the career development of the learners. The content writing course from Skills Upgrader helps the learner upskill and monetize their writing skills.  They impart knowledge in content creation to enhance the professional value of a learner. The key points of the content writing course from Skills Upgrader are:

  • More than 16 hours of training and 70 hours of assignments.
  • Three-month Internship with the development of a portfolio for Freelance jobs. 
  • Placement support and certification.
  • The curriculum is Blogging, Social Media writing, Ad copy, website content, e-mail writing, and so on, all in 15 modules.

4. IIM Skills



IIM Skills is one of the premium institutes that provides stellar writing courses. Apparently, IIM Skills is one of the best in the list of top 15 Content writing courses in India. The Instructors for this course are veterans from the domain with impeccable experience in training as well as subject matter. The Content Writing course from IIM Skills has the following features:

  • 16 hours of online training and 60 hours of assignments
  • Email writing, Blogging, copywriting, technical writing, creative writing, etc are included in the course curriculum.
  • In addition to these, case studies help get a more comprehensive understanding of content writing and marketing.

5. Udemy



Udemy needs no intro as its fame is colossal and widespread. The major advantage of choosing a Udemy course are you get multiple choices for the same course from distinct expert trainers. Also, the other lucrative features are lifetime access to the course once you purchase it, and certification.

Content writing courses from Udemy are the following: 

  • Quickly and easily create content for the web priced at INR 420.
  • Ultimate Web content writing Masterclass- INR 426.
  • Start a Successful Part-Time Content Writing Home Business- INR 420.
  • How to Write Great Web Content- Better Search Rankings -INR 420.

These courses help understand how to build traffic by creating professional-level content and consequently monetize it.

6. FutureLearn




Digital Marketing Content Creation is the course from FutureLearn that amalgamates content writing with digital marketing skills and tools. There are five courses under this category of ExpertTrack courses, out of which the content creation course is one of the topmost courses in this domain.

  • 2-week course on content creation. 
  • Certificate post completion of the course.
  • Online course with 2 assessment tests. 
  • Create and deliver high-quality content with a speck of creativity and enrichment in the subject matter.

7. Online IdeaLab




Online Idealab is an organization that provides courses in content writing, digital marketing concepts, and some other short courses. Both online and in-room classes are available at Online Idealab. The most alluring feature of this course that rates this among the top 15 content writing courses is the professional support from active alumni. The learners get to learn and follow the alumni network. Key features are: 

  • Learners are trained in paid as well as free tools like Google Trends, Grammarly, Canva, and lots more.
  • The course fee is different for online and classroom training.
  • The training is done in small batches to ensure complete learning for each student.
  • The curriculum inculcates copywriting, content planning, content promotion, digital marketing basics, Content writing grammatical errors, Ethics, proofreading, and much more.

8. Digital Academy 360




Digital Academy 360, as the name goes, is an institute that provides courses in Digital marketing and IT. These courses are updated every quarter of a year and learners are free to access the LMS. The Skill Diploma in Content writing is the name of the content writing course from digital Academy and holds these features:

  • 3-month online / classroom course.
  • 160-hours training.
  • Online workshops and bootcamps.
  • Also, webinars from industry experts.
  • Content creation, WordPress, SEO, and many tools are incorporated into the curriculum.

9. Coursera


You will be stunned to see the range of courses in diverse domains from Coursera. Free courses, career advancement courses, degree courses, certificate courses, and whatnot. It has a wide spectrum of courses in its profile. Consequently, there are 67 different courses related to Content writing, which makes Coursera very distinct in the list of top 15 Content writing courses in India. 

Summing up the features of all these courses are:

  • WordPress and Blogging.
  • SEO.
  • Promotional video using Canva.
  • English Skills. Script-writing. 
  • Website development.
  • Business writing, story-telling, social media marketing, etc.

To get a complete list of the courses, you can visit the website.



This Mumbai-based Indian Institute of E-commerce and Digital Marketing offers courses in basic and advanced digital marketing along with Content writing and Design courses. The key features of the advanced content writing course from IIEDM are:

  • Creative writing, copywriting, and technical writing are inculcated in the course syllabi.
  • Psychology of writing and its applications.
  • Editing, re-writing, and proofing are also the concepts covered in this course.
  • Flexible timings and both classroom/online training are available.

11. Inventateq


Inventateq specializes in providing online marketing training through various internet marketing courses. The content writing training course from Inventateq is based on enhancing career-competency skills. As a result, they are categorized under job-oriented courses. The major features of the Content writing course are:

  • 30 to 35 hours of training on weekends/weekdays.
  • Theory, Practical, Assignments, and Certification are the major activities in this course.
  • In addition to these, 100% placement support is also provided.
  • The learner should be a Software Developer or a Graduate, a prerequisite to enrolling in the course. This makes the course distinct as this criterion is not needed in any of the other courses in the list of top 15 content writing courses in India.
  • Lab sessions are followed by the theory classes to ensure that the learner gets a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts.

12. Content Knockout


Content Knockout is a portal by The famous Monica Samuel who gives online training and webinars on digital marketing and related concepts. The two main courses under content writing are 

  • Content writing fundamentals-pre-writing phase.
  • Business writing is done faster

Each course has its own set of features and details can be collected through a request e-mail.

13. IIDE




IIDE is one of the best among the top 15 content writing courses. This is a digital marketing institute that provides courses in related spheres. The major courses under content writing are:

  • Copywriting course online
  • SEO course online
  • Email marketing course online
  • Content marketing online
  • Google Ads course

The course duration, training mode, and price are different for each course, the details are available on their website.

14. Thoughtful Minds

Thoughtful minds web services Pvt Ltd is a company that offers courses in academic writing and dissertation submission. Students and institutions from all over the world attend the content writing course through Hangout or Skype.

The duration of the course is 45 days with classes every weekday. The fee for the course is minimal at INR 5000. Assignments will also be provided for getting exposure to content writing.





Leads Academy is the last but not least in my list of top 15 content writing courses in India. This academy thrives to improve the writing skills of its learners in tandem with creating quality content. Professional Certificate in Content Writing, the course from Leads is a 12-week long course that focuses on all the phases of writing- before writing, creating content, after writing, publishing, and so on and so forth.


Content writing is evolving at a faster pace in India with new and innovative tools and techniques budding up in the online market. These tools, when properly employed can broaden your digital reach multi-bounds. So, mastering these tools through training is a very sensible and rewarding move. The above list of top 15 Content Writing courses can be used as a guide in choosing the best content writing course in India, online and classroom. The new trends show us an outcry for more skilled web content writers in India and abroad as well. So, working professionals, students, housewives, or even a retiree can take up a content writing course. 


FAQ- top 15 content writing courses in India


Q 1. Can I start a blog without doing a Content writing course in India?

Ans: Yes, you can start a blog without doing a course. But, a course would help you understand and master the tools and concepts to mark your presence online. 


Q 2. Are these content writing jobs well-paid?

Ans: Yes, content writing jobs are well-paid. Once you realize your niche and establish your writings, you can get a well-paid job in this domain.


Q3. Do the above courses help in getting freelance jobs?

Ans: Yes, most of them in the above list of top 15 content writing courses in India guide you to get freelance gigs that are well-paid.


Q 4.  Are digital marketing and content writing related?

Ans: Yes, Digital marketing and content writing are related as content writing is done and established with the help of digital marketing tools.


Q 5. Is content writing difficult?

Ans: content writing can be challenging at times as you need to reach the targeted audience through your content. But these content writing courses help you understand the route easy peasy.

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Top Entrepreneurship Blogs for Guest Posting


There are many entrepreneurship blogs within easy reach online that encourage others in the same niche to write for us. Guest blogging works wonders.

Guest blogging accompanied by content marketing boosts traffic to your website, SEO, and conversions.

Guest blogging is a very popular trend in SEO nowadays because Google is rapidly changing its algorithmic approach to show the desired results for the searcher.

Days are gone for blog comments and social bookmarking to be useful for ranking the desired keywords.

Now, only contextual links are considered as high-quality links for ranking the keyword. This is why guest posting is a new trend for SEOs to get the keyword rank on search engines.

Following Is A List Of Entrepreneurship Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Epic Launch

To get your post posted on this site, you will need to send in your ideas through their contact page. If it gets accepted, they will then create an account. Their basic requirements entail that you are an accomplished writer and can generate good quality content.


To post on this site, you will first have to send an email about the guest posting opportunity.

After approval, you can write your content and then send it for review. The requirement for articles is that they should be short and precise with a minimum word count of 1000. The topics can stretch from entrepreneurship and marketing to small business and start-up ideas.

The Business Goals

This blog is relatively new. The Business Goals invite entrepreneurs and startups to share their stories on the blog.

They are very sensitive to unique content and it is very easy to publish your content if the content meets the criteria.

You can have a look for more details here “write for us business” page. The blog has five main categories that include entrepreneurship, startups, marketing, business, and business research.

Frugal Entrepreneur

This blog entails that guest posts should offer valuable pieces of advice such as money-saving tips, ways to run a home-based or a small business, and resources. The word count for guest posts should be between 600 words to 1200 words.

Entrepreneurship Secrets

The ultimatum mentioned for guest posts from this blog is that the posts should be about small business start-ups and entrepreneurship and the length of the post must be more than 800 words.

Under 30 CEO

To get your post posted on this site, you would have to first email your ideas to them for consideration. One of their categories concerning entrepreneurship is “Under 30 CEO- SMALL BUSINESS ADVICE FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS”.

The articles published in this genre must be aimed at influencing and motivating young entrepreneurs to make their dream of establishing a business and succeeding in it a reality.

Young Entrepreneur

This blog is concerned with topics like lifestyle, business, and aiding new entrepreneurs. Those who are interested in cooperating can send their articles through email.

Business Hours

This blog is accessible to anyone who has experience as an entrepreneur or has enough knowledge to share about related subjects. If you want to publish your guest post on this blog, you can register with them by the link provided in your post along with your bio and a featured image for consideration.

Start-up Champ

This blog hands out bits of advice and tips to online businesses and entrepreneurs. So, the topics they are looking out for include marketing, entrepreneur tips, social media, and branding. They dictate that the posts must be well written and unique.


If you wish to post on this blog, you need to actively participate in the online community and publish regular comments on other people’s blog posts. Some of the topics that you can write on this blog include freelancing, entrepreneurship, personal finance, and start-ups.

Evan Carmichael

This website should be your go-to if you are on the lookout for motivation and strategies related to entrepreneurship. If you want to guest post on this website, you would need to adopt descriptive keywords in the title and body.


In conclusion, guest posts offer a ton of benefits to those who are willing to commit themselves to it.

It is an efficient way to raise awareness about your brand’s message while at the same time, developing your brand.

It can help you in reaching your target audience almost instantly, increase your social media following, enhance your online authority, and grow your network.

Besides this, it can also aid you in shortening the sales cycle.

This is achieved by sharing your brand’s message with your already established audience. You can introduce your brand’s values in your guest posts to be viewed by the masses.

Another added advantage of guest posts is that you also open a communication passage between yourself and your readers.

This allows you to gain valuable feedback from other website’s valuable readers. In this entire process, you may also receive some tips and suggestions that you may benefit from and cause you to ponder over your strategy to tweak it to become better.

There are two ways that you can take to find out which sites are good for you for guest posting.

The first method is to turn to Google and type in the footprints such as “write for us” and “ whatever your topic is along with – guest post” to see the list of blogs and websites accepting guest posts.

You can further filter out the best ones from among them by checking their PA, DA, and percentage of spam from their website using the SEO toolbar.

Generally, a good website has a spam percentage of less than 10%, a high number of backlinks, and a high domain authority.

The second method is to turn to a well-established online guest post service that offers you SEO services at the most affordable rates.

Guest blogging is, undoubtedly, an important step to take your content marketing strategy to the next level. However, you should first analyze its work to fully understand its benefits and then try your hand at it to make your brand a success.

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